Friday, November 2, 2007


Barry Bonds says he's going to boycott the Baseball Hall of Fame if they display the 756 baseball with an asterick branded in the leather. I say good for him.

MLB has never informed the media of any positive test for steroids by Bonds. And you better believe that if he had tested positive, confidential or not, that bit of info would have definitely leaked out. So why should his legacy be villified in the most stoic hall in all of sports - when he's never been proven to have done anything wrong. (And you can keep your illegally obtained documents and totally biased opinions from Game of Shadows to yourself.)

Baseball desperately needs to move beyond the 'steroid era' and the uncertainty that surrounds it. For MLB to openly allow and support this era by letting the HoF DISPLAY one of the most prominent pieces of the games history with an asterick branded onto the ball would be atrocious. It's not good for the history of the game. Ty Cobb might have been a jerk, but that's not engraved into one of his bats or written on the side of one of his spikes. People can decide for themselves if Cobb was a jerk without the endorsement of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

MLB shouldn't allow the HoF to display a piece of history that dictates what people should think. The ball should represent just what it is - the baseball that was used in a play that broke the all-time homerun record. And let the people who visit the HoF decide for themselves.

Barry's right on this one. MLB should follow suit.