Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Grizzlies' Prediction 3/82

Some would call it a hot streak. I just call it the beginning of my season-long endeavor to absolutely CRUSH the NBA and college basketball season, Memphis-style.

When I first arrived in Memphis for my interview with 730 ESPN, I was renting a car, and the girl behind the counter was trying to talk me into upsizing to an Impala. I asked why I would want to do that, and she simply responded, "'Cause in Memphis, we do it BIG."

Doing it big sounded like a good time, so I wanted to do it big too. You better believe I was pimpin' that Impala.

The Grizz go to Seattle tonight, who are playing on borrowed time. I believe Kevin Durant was even caught out at a Stockman's in Duncan, OK getting some riding gear.

Tonight just might be the night. Too bad it won't be for Jon Roser.

So here we go with Grizzlie's prediction #3, DOIN' IT BIG.