Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Grizzlies' Prediction 6/82

Okay, after the game tonight, the Grizz will be 1/14 through the season. The time does fly, doesn't it? Unfortunately, to be 1/14 through the season also means that they will have to play Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming tonight.

I wonder what is going through Darko's mind right now. Anything? Be sure somebody sets his alarm so he doesn't sleep through the game, as he shows about as much emotion as a corpse.

The Grizz are catching 6', which I would think is a pretty low number considering what a mismatch this is. Good news is - that's what the public thinks too. And Vegas wasn't built on winners...

So I'm going against the grain, and hoping that my anti-public strategy works in our favor.

At least against the spread.

The Pick:
Memphis +6'

Scheduled for tomorrow's blog: Apologies for that pick