Friday, November 9, 2007

I'm No Soulja Boy

Since moving to Memphis, yet another phenomenon that I was in the dark about has been exposed to me. This Superman Dance. They did not do this in DC.

I got a brief glimpse of it a few weeks back, but I got the full court press of it last night. One of the members of the sales staff here at 730 was nice enough to invite me out for a few drinks last night and meet some of her friends. It all started innocently enough, then a few jager-bombs later, and the girls want to go dancing. Funny how that happens.

(Little background here: I am a HORRENDOUS dancer. And what's a shame is that I actually enjoy dancing. I have a severe case of the white man's disease. If I'm sitting down, I can bounce around alright - but once I stand up and try to add a little footwork to the equation, it just all falls apart.)

So, off we go to the ooncha-ooncha club. And it's a nice place - big, not too crowded. But the dance floor doesn't have too many people on it, as we were kind of at the stage where nobody was quite drunk enough and nobody wanted to be the lone person/couple out on the dance floor. But then...

"Aaaaaaaawwwwwwww Soulja Boy up in this ho!"

I mean people could not get on the dance floor fast enough.

It was incredible. All these folks dancing in step to this rap song, and they all knew exactly how to do it. Beautiful, actually.

But is this something that is exclusive to the Memphis area? Apparently not, as a quick trip to the YouTube showed me. What a phenomenon this has become. There are literally THOUSANDS of people who have videotaped themselves doing this dance.


So, my next goal is to learn this dance. Surely I can do it as well as those guys. But if you happened to get bumped this weekend by a white kid that looks like he has a 2x4 stuck in his shirt, I apologize.