Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kobe Bryant is a Baby.

It's been 5 months of total teen-queen drama starring Kobe, Phil, Jerry, and the gang - and it finally looks like we could be nearing the end. Or are we? He could already be wearing Chicago red, but he's threatened to veto any trade that involves Luol Deng.

And that's a problem, because the Lakers want Deng. And who wouldn't? A great young player, never causes any problems, has been taught the team game (Dukie), and is one of the more uniques talents in the Association. So, the Lakers want something in return for (arguably) the best player in the NBA. That seems reasonable, right?

Problem is that Kobe Bryant is a baby that is unable to view things from anyone else's perspective. Kobe wants out - so he thinks that it should just happen because he wants it to and is completely oblivious that other people could be negatively affected.

You know how in fantasy football there is that guy in every league that throws out these crazy trade requests, like he'll take Tony Romo for Nate Burleson and Antwaan Randle El? And he thinks there's nothing wrong with that.

But you go back and counter with something like Romo for Joseph Addai, for example. And he feels insulted. That's what we've got here in Kobe - he wants the world, but isn't willing to give anything up for it.

Perhaps Chicago ought to be glad that Kobe's being this way. Why would they want to be the next to change his diapers?