Sunday, November 11, 2007

Roser Brings the Pain

Before I get into the topic of this piece, let me briefly comment on last night's Grizz game. The Jazz Were Who We Thought They Were. Jerry Sloan is a cold-blooded killer, and it doesn't help when he has a Ruskie in his arsenal. Verno's Power Forward theory also held true, as Boozer went for 31 yesterday. Any and all PFs should be looking for career days versus the Grizz this year. Popeye Jones could come out of retirement and put up 25 and 12 versus the Grizz.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled rambling.

Yes, our man Jon Roser did turn 23 this past week. (You did hear about it, didn't you?)

And as he loves the Windjammer, that is where we celebrated Saturday night. This was my first attempt at the Windjammer, and aside from the copious amount of cigarette smoke, I thought it was a nice joint. Nothing too fancy, but it definitely serves its purpose.

And that purpose Saturday night was for Jon Roser to get hammered and sing "Zombie" by the Cranberries. There was even a buzz about it going in. Seriously.

I arrived prior to Verno and big-time listener Hank, so I grabbed a chair at what I deemed the "Old People's Table" - considering I was going to be at least 4/5 years older than the next youngest person. And I can't even count up how much older Verno would be.

Roser got there shortly after I did, and judging by his entrance... Hammered? Check.

All that was left on the menu was Cranberries.

And it had been kind of a quiet night by the karaoke - I mean, people were singing, but there wasn't a whole lot of attention being paid to it by the what had become substantial crowd. And then the call came out for "Roser?"...

Now, I'm not easily impressed. In fact, there are very few things that I actually like. But for some reason, I liked what I saw.

With everyone crowded around the karaoke-performance-sphere, Roser belted it out like he was some short-haired-Irish-woman-folkrocker. Didn't even need the prompter. Yes, it was the highlight of the night.

And out of all songs, too. "Zombie"?? I guess if you can pull it off, that's as good of one to go with that I can think of. Normally I don't do much karaoke, but I did bring in New Year's 2003 at Wanna-Be's in Nashville with a little "Purple Rain". Verno's karaoke go-to? "Run-Around Sue". Not kidding.

Verno, Hank, and I had to shut it down not long after, as we are all over the hill, and dammit, sometimes it is just time to go to bed. But kudos and a happy birthday to Jon L. Roser.

"Zah-ombie! Zah-ombie! Zah-ombie, ay! ay! ay! oh! oh!"