Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Amazing Darko

Verno and I were sitting together at last night's game against the Pistons, and to give you some background - I am a big-time Darko Hater. In our conversations, Verno continues to defend him, but it could just so he can be funny. You never know with Verno.

Anyways, Darko hit a couple of his lefty hooks early in the first quarter. I continued to hate on Darko and promised Chris that Darko would disappear by the second quarter. He told me that Darko was "unstoppable".

Then, with about 5 minutes left in the first quarter, Darko had 8 points with a plus-1 pending. And Rasheed Wallace checked in to the game for the first time. Darko airballs the free throw.

Darko finishes with 12 points, and was virtually non-existent for the rest of the game. Honestly, I have no idea how he got the other four points.

Point is - Detroit is all up in his head, and all it took for Darko to go back to his shell was just a look at Rasheed Wallace. Darko's just damaged goods. Blame it on Larry Brown, blame it on the Eastern Bloc, whoever. Fact is, this was an experiment that I don't think is going to work out.