Sunday, December 2, 2007

Coaching Carousel Jammed

What I was hoping to be a very exciting Saturday night and early Sunday morning (college football-wise) left me wanting a little more.

Yes, West Virginia and Mizzou lost. Tell me you couldn't see those coming from a mile away.

And now we have the built in controversy on whether LSU should jump Georgia and get into the title game. I've had discussions with several people, and I could really see this going either way. But all we can do is sit and wait. Hey, its worked for Ohio State.

As much fun as it is to try and guess what will happen with the national title game, my focus was elsewhere this weekend. I was absolutely POSITIVE that Les Miles was going to go to Michigan. Go ahead and throw me into the outhouse with Herbstreit. I just thought that it was a definite.

And so that was going to leave coaching positions open at both LSU and Arkansas, with Tommy Tuberville playing everyone and anyone against each other. Rumors were rampant, even during Verno's show Thursday, I got a call from a radio station in Birmingham if we were the radio station that had information about a deal being done between Arkansas and Tubs. I said it wasn't us, but it definitely got me asking around even more.

To add even more fuel to the fire, around midnight Thursday night I continued to get text messages from a few more sources that a Tubs/Arkansas deal was done.

But Friday there was still nothing to report. And with Les Miles (apparently) staying in Baton Rouge, there is STILL NOTHING to report. The papers in Alabama are all now leaning that Tommy, though upset about the offer that Auburn has made, will probably stay on as coach.


With Nutt going to Oxford, there was a great opportunity for the West to get flipped upside down this offseason. And if nothing new happens in the next 48 hours. We will have...


But it does lead me to wonder, in all of this - what is Arkansas up to?