Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Grizz Face the Pistons Tonight

And as far as I know, Rasheed Wallace is going to make the trip. Which means that at some point, 'Sheed is going to get a matchup against Pau. And then Pau is going to get embarrassed.

Just watch. If at any point 'Sheed gets Pau on him at any point, he won't be able to get the ball fast enough. Then when he does, he's going to hit him once with his backside, and we'll have an opportunity for a new poster. Be sure to bring your camera phones.

At least that's my opinion, maybe Pau will beef up tonight. Maybe be inspired with The Revenge of Darko opportunity. But I'm feeling that Pau's gonna get freaked out by 'Sheed's Spot and crumble. Alas.

As for the evening's play: The Pistons are giving 5', and the public is HUGE on Detroit (like 75%).

So, I am going to call on the spirit of Rudy Gay to possess the souls of everyone on the Memphis roster to play with some energy, and at least keep it close.

And if not, we'll at least get to check out The Spot.

Memphis +5'