Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jon Roser Gets His, Or Is He Just Playin' Everybody?

I must say that when Jon Roser, a 23 year-old young man was unable to put up 40 consecutive pushups, I thought that there was something funny going on. On Wednesday, he gets all the way to 39 and then gives up? That's weak. Extremely weak. So weak, in fact, that I believe that Roser THREW the first feat of strength so that his expectations would be lowered from then on.

This all of course goes back to the proposed Roser v. Cowboy Caleb matchup, that when first approached, Jon Roser couldn't get in the ring fast enough. But when he found out that this actually COULD happen - he started running. And lowering expectations.

When you look at this from the 50,000 foot view, you can plainly see that Roser is only protecting himself from his impending doom. Cowboy Caleb can, and will, mop the floor with Jon Roser's chin-stubble. Verno and I were actually trying to work up a way to guarantee that the fight would last more than 30 seconds. Because once Cowboy gets a hold of Roser, it's all over.

That said, if Roser wants to train, I'm all for it, because it's better radio. That is, until he gives up his training regimen after he learns that powdered donuts aren't involved.

I wonder what Roser's training regimen would be like.