Friday, February 1, 2008

Ciao, Pau!

So they finally did it. And congrats to Verno for the scoop.

My thoughts: great move, both teams. Even though Memphis inherited Kwame Brown, they also obtained the key to their biggest shackle and gained some flexibility for the next two years.

However, I do think that this situation puts a few questions on the table:

1) How do you manage Kwame for the rest of the season? Do you invest time and effort for a future with Kwame Brown, or is it immediately communicated to Kwame that he will be with the team until the end of the season and then on his own? That's just an awkward position to be in for all sides. We'll see what they do.

2) Can Grizzlies management step up? If the team goes into the summer as-is, then they have the financial flexibility to make some offers for team development. In addition, pick up another lottery pick in a pretty fruitful class. And I love that the Grizz picked up some extra draft picks - always good kickers for trades. But it is up to the management staff to realize this opportunity. Will they do it, and what is their timeline?

3) How much longer till ownership change? I mean, is anybody even kicking tires for this stripped-down car? Autozone? FedEx? Anybody?

4) And what are they going to do with that bus with Pau's face on it?