Thursday, February 28, 2008

J. Lo's backside just won't quit, and neither will Soulja Boy

In my now world-renowned Entertainment Segment on today's Chris Vernon Show, we discussed a very important topic of "overrated women". I was then ridiculed for my disdain for Jennifer Lopez.

Hey, there might be a lot of buzz about J. Lo's backside, but trust me, there's a reason that Ben Affleck bailed out - because he had vision. He was able to see that what was attracting all the attention would one day balloon into a massive piece of real estate that will deserve it's own direct dialing code. Yes, Jennifer Lopez' ass will one day become so big that people of the future will speak of it in almost Biblical proportions - able to carry two of each animal, etc.

Anyways, that's why I don't like Jennifer Lopez. Because I am a visionary.

My most overrated woman is Sandra Bullock. I cannot stand this woman. I think she is annoying, and that she can be a bit man-ish at times. So there.

On to my latest YouTube discovery. I had mentioned before that the Soulja Boy dance was a craze that I just couldn't comprehend. Yes, it can be a beautiful thing that brings people together, but I unfortunately am unable to participate (due to my white man's disease).

However, everyone's favorite prisoners ARE able to participate.