Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lots of Attention, But for the Wrong Reason?

Great article by Chad Ford from ESPN.com on what the opportunities for the Grizzlies could have been, and that maybe Chris Wallace did sell the team short on the deal. Yes, it's an Insider article, and if you are not an Insider - you are not a real man.

Obviously, anytime that the Lakers (and Kobe) are involved in anything, it's going to get a lot of play on ESPN and the networks. So the Grizz have been getting a lot of free pub. But I think the consistent negative pub (i.e. - Stephen A. & Bill Walton) towards the team and Kwame Brown.

A bonafide scrub? Small hands? That's pretty harsh.
Surely Bill Walton will be able to put it a bit more poetically...

Epic and Historic indeed.

Some folks say that there's no such thing as bad publicity. In this case, I think the jury's still out. Obviously, our friend Chris Wallace would probably prefer that the talking heads weren't lam-basting this deal and how Memphis made a horrible move and LA made out like bandits. But the results of this deal are still out-standing in that we won't get an idea of what Memphis really got in this deal for another offseason or complete season from now.

Now that's not a whole lot of fun for Grizzlies' fans, as they are left waiting once again for any signs of improvement. And there are so many hoops left to jump through on this deal, it's just too hazy to know how Memphis came out.

Till then, we're left with Walton and Stephen A. making Kwame jokes.

Maybe the free pub will pay off.

Any thoughts, Kwame?

Doesn't look like it...