Saturday, July 11, 2009

In case I haven't reminded you enough...

I know that I've discussed this on Vernon's program, but I will remind you that I love the Palladia channel (Comcast 857). And if you're as frustrated as I am about the quality of popular music as I am - this channel is what you need.

Because they show you... wait for it... MUSIC on television!! What a novel concept! Concerts and music videos! And they are even music videos for new songs - before Palladia, I didn't realize people still made music videos. Because they were never getting shown on MTV or VH1 anymore. I guess it is tought to squeeze a video in between a Rock of Love Bus marathon and the new episode of Brooke Knows Best.

I guess what I really enjoy about the channel is that it is refreshing to see GOOD new music being made and performed. Many of the Isle of Wight or V-Fest concerts shown on the channel have great new bands like The Zutons, Snow Patrol, Muse, and more performing in front of huge crowds - saving my mind from believing that if anything new comes out it will feature Lady Gaga and/or and auto-tuner.

When we do the Entertainment Segment (SHAMELESS* pres. by RIDall Pest Control *PLUG) on Thursdays during Vernon's show - I literally want to take a Slege-O-Matic to my forehead. An occasional good tune finds it's way to the Top 5 for a week before disappearing. Otherwise - it is headache inducement. Because he knows how much I hate it, I believe Vernon gets a guilty pleasure out of it.

But if you can, contact your cable/dish provider and see if you can score this channel. I think you'd enjoy it. If you can't get it, find a friend who has it, and move in with them.