Friday, September 17, 2010

Colin Kaepernick? Not a Fan.

I've been on the road all week, so it's been difficult to update the blog. (However, we've had quite a run with the daily play, thank you very much.)

By the way, the Detroit airport sucks, and the people at the Delta counters were something other than helpful.

When checking what I was going to watch on the television when I got back, I saw that Cal and Nevada were playing tonight. Let me make yet another statement that I have no statistical foundation for, and one that will probably come back to bite me in the end:

Colin playing against the JV, getting all the love.
I think Colin Kaepernick sucks.

He's got huge numbers and lots of hype. Big deal. Look at those numbers a little bit more closely, and you'll see.

Last year's 8-game winning streak that helped the Wolfpack to the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl against SMU? Here's a list for you: UNLV (115), La Tech (65), Utah State (113), Idaho (105), San Jose State (109), Hawaii (94), Fresno State (97), New Mexico State (101).

Those numbers? Why those would happen to be their defensive rankings from last year. Seven teams ranked 94th or lower.

So, tonight, when you're feeling vomet-ous with the Kaepernick love from the talking heads, remember - this dude puts numbers up against scrubs, and you won't have to worry about him playing on Sundays.