Monday, September 6, 2010

Does Midnight Strike Tonight for Boise State?

Boise State/Virginia Tech goes down tonight, and I've been eyeing the Vegas line to see what the public has been thinking about this game. According to Scores And Odds, what started out with Boise as a 2' favorite, now the Broncos are getting 1'.

Money pushes the line, because, according to, a higher percentage of the public is taking Boise State. So, who to believe? Big money or the people? Vegas wasn't built on winners...

And I've noticed that despite the high preseason ranking for Chris Peterson's crew, I can't help but acknowledge what I have felt as a bit of an anti-Boise push by members of the media. I was listening to a national show on Fox Sports last week, where the guest or host was poclaiming how they are tired of "ESPN shoving Boise State down our throats". It just seems that there has been a sentiment this year (in my opinion) where we are hoping for this cute story to go away.

Gonzaga isn't cute anymore. They're in the tournament every year, and have long since shed the 'Cinderella' tag. Is this where we sit with Boise?

As for tonight's game, I don't know what to expect. I believe I'll pull for Boise tonight, because I don't believe in Virginia Tech's national title opportunities no matter what the outcome tonight. You can pretty much count on Frank Beamer and crew screwing up national title hopes at some this year anyway, because... they do it every year.

So, tonight, I'm down with the Broncos. Although many may feel that tonight is the beginning of the end for Boise State, I can only respond with - every other time it was supposed to be the end for the Broncos, what happened?

Oklahoma, '07 Fiesta Bowl
Oregon, '09
TCU, '10 Fiesta Bowl

What's one more night?