Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Love Dan Mullen, But Not As Much As Some People

Dan Mullen doesn't know why he's
not catching more points, either.
I guess I'm establishing a hard line on this - and I'm sure it will come back to bite me - but how in the hell is the Auburn/Mississippi State game tonight back to a one-point spread?

Wagerline shows a convincing lean towards Auburn, so there must be heavy dollars on the bulldogs to keep this line down. My question is who is putting down this much money on Mississippi State tonight? And would they be interested in paying what I paid for a condo in downtown Memphis?

I am so convinced of the outcome of this game that I wanted to jump in early last night when the line was at 3. I didn't want it getting too far away from me. Fool on me, because now I'm trying to figure out if I should double down with the lower line.

Maybe I should be concerned: I am a Regions bank customer, and perhaps the boys who own Regions bank are ringing their cowbells and using my dollars so they can double up on the bulldogs. (Kidding - no added transaction charges, please.)

But whoever you heavy-pocket people are, are you forgetting that this is Mississippi State? I know they beat the hell out of Memphis last week and that you are excited about Dan Mullen, but they are still the team that is going to win only one or two SEC games this year (Kentucky and maybe Ole Miss), and Auburn isn't going to be one of them.

More Cowbell.
I've gotten some feedback that Davis Wade Stadium (the noise) will be too much for Auburn to handle. And I can understand this: the Malzahn offense requires a lot of motion and formation changes. I just have the confidence that in year two (and all preseason) that Cam Newton and folks will have the hand signals down.

The last time Gus Malzahn visited Davis Wade, Arkanas won 28-14. The offense was outperformed that day, but keep in mind that Casey Dick was Arkansas' quarterback. Between them, I'd give the edge to Cam Newton.

While I love Dan Mullen and appreciate Mississippi State, I'm not buying the hype just yet. Auburn's winning this game, and since the line is so low, that's who you roll with.