Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday's Gambling Recap

Tough one yesterday. If I have it correct, my picks went 1-4. The most disappointing items:

1) South Carolina +3', at Auburn. Not one of my posted plays, but one I made anyway. I don't understand why Connor Shaw was put into that game. And after reading his article, I don't think Parrish does, either. What's even more disappointing is that if Alshon Jeffery had made the tough catch (or if Shaw had thrown to his back shoulder, more likely), we could of gotten the South Carolina cover at 3'.

2) Tennessee -14, vs UAB. Tennessee was embarrassing Saturday. Overtime against a team that was picked to finish last in CUSA? If you were there, and you booed, good for you.

3) Boise State -17', vs Oregon State. Close, but Boise was supposed to use this national TV opportunity to pick up some major style points, and they didn't do it. I saw them let a mediocre Pac-10 team hang around for way too long.

4) Oregon -13, at Arizona State. Arizona State is not good, and Oregon had been scoring a point a minute so far this year. They should of easily handled ASU by at least two touchdowns.

5) Alabama -7', at Arkansas. Yep, I was disappointed here too. Although the stats don't totally favor this position, I believe Alabama throws the ball on first down WAY too much. Apparently the coaching staff has something against 2nd and 5, because the odds are that if you give the ball to Ingram or Richardson, you'll probably get 5 yards. But they'd much rather enjoy the possibility of 2nd and 10, I guess. I had this beef with Alabama last year, too, and it worked out okay. But it didn't help my pocketbook yesterday.

The only shining moment from yesterday: I took my posted plays yesterday and put them in a 5-team moneyline parlay. Paid out just over two-to-one. And it kept Saturday from being a total disaster.