Saturday, September 11, 2010

Week 2 Initial Plays

Week 2 is here, and the matchups this weekend are out of sight. Gather up the TVs and put them all together, and create your own gameday center.

And in honor today's plays, we go with a YouTube classic... What's that I smell?

Sorry, Tennessee fans. Today is not going to be your day.

The picks:
Oregon -11'
Alabama -13'
Florida -16
Georgia/South Carolina OVER 46'
Miami/Ohio State OVER 47

Last week, we went 4-1. My boy's locks did us right too with 3-1 (overlapping on one game). I'll try and track down the locks for today as well. And if we're feeling anything else later on, I'll post them, so check back here or my Twitter for the updates.

Good luck.