Sunday, October 10, 2010

Against My Better Judgement...

I like to tinker with stuff, and new technology always interest me. And recently, I've been interested in the new Gmail 'Call Phone' (there's no official name yet).

I noticed the new feature a few months back and have made sporadic calls from it. But I was reading the WSJ last week, and I was walked through a few more of the features. Upon further exploration, I saw that you could create a separate voicemail box through a widget.

And that's what we have here:

If you click on that, you'll be talking to my voicemail, and whether it's to complain about Alabama throwing the ball too much, why Mark Richt's job is safe, what a buffoon Les Miles is, or how much you hate me or the daily play - you can let me hear about it.

If it's good (or at least, entertaining), I'll post it for everyone.

How it works (and it's all free, according to Google):
1) Amp yourself up enough to want to have your voice heard.
2) Click on the link on the right hand side.
3) Enter your number, and Google will call you.
4) Answer the call, hit '1', and start recording after the tone.

That's it, and inebriated voicemails are strongly encouraged. Strongly encouraged.

I'm sure this will end up being to my detriment, but it's a cool feature that I wanted to give a try. Have fun.