Friday, October 8, 2010

In South Florida, I Discover a New Crowd of Degenerates: Jai Alai

My talents are currently in South Beach. Fortunately (or unfortunately), they will return tomorrow with college football picks and locks.

I have learned, however, that betting on Jai Alai is incredibly fun. At a Jai Alai arena, these old men just holler at the players, calling them 'bums' and 'hacks' - much like any other sporting event. However, the difference here is that the players can hear the taunts clearly.

Which to me adds a whole other element to the contest: "The Revenge Laydown". If a player is offended or upset by something said to him by the crowd, perhaps he figures that they've got money on him, and he'd rather intentionally throw the point than give that jerk the satisfaction of winning his bet.

What's more, perhaps this player is popular with the other players, and some collusion goes in to help their friend.

These are the types of things I think about. Scary, right?

Regardless, I want more Jai Alai.

- posted from the road