Saturday, October 2, 2010

Later Day Plays

Yeah, my Auburn analysis was a little off. Nice job by Cam Newton with 245 yards passing. While I don't attribute these plays to my yearly log (for good or bad), I'm throwing in on a few other games today.

Thought I'd share:
Boomer Sooner, as long as they score 25.
1) In Oklahoma/Texas, the Oklahoma over 24'

And they're having fun in Dallas:
Nearly 50 people were arrested overnight in downtown Dallas ahead of the Texas-Oklahoma game, local police reported Saturday, according to The Associated Press.

Police said the arrests were for public intoxication, mostly in the West End section of the city, the AP report said.

A news release stated 300 parking tickets were also issued and two vehicles towed.
Sounds like a good time to me.

2) Alabama -8'

I'm sure I've liked Alabama in almost every game this year, but I look at this matchup this way: I think Alabama is better than they were last year, and Florida is not as good. Bama is playing at home, and Florida's kicker is out.

So I don't think that's crazy.