Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Commentary on the Whole Brett Favre 'Thing'

Activities prevented me from posting yesterday, as I have had several thoughts, issues, and questions in regards to latest Brett Favre saga. So, here I am today, after everyone else has thrown in their $1.05 of freedom and commentary.

Since I have multiple tangents to go on here, I figured it'd be best to just number my thoughts:

1. Just what is the protocol of sending someone a picture of your junk?

I ask this question not in the curiosity of whether it's right or wrong, or if it's too perverted. I think it's pretty clear that it is NOT the most couth of activities and your grandma wouldn't be pleased.

I want to know the process. If one was to be a serial offender of this type of activity, do you send a different picture or set of pictures to each girl? Or do you get one picture or set that you consider to be the gold standard for your junk, and just keep those pictures available to be sent at anytime? In other words, do you stock up on the good pictures? Initially I thought this was a silly idea, but, so is sending a picture of your Greg Oden.

2. This is another example of how there is a whole other society out there that I am not a part of.

The 'sending pictures of your junk' society. Obviously, with technology expanding like it is, the opportunities for these people to engage in these activities are growing.

At this point, I'm thinking they're the weird ones. But, if more and more people embrace this kind of stuff as we evolve technologically - am I going to end up being on the outside looking in? Will there be a day when everyone knows what everyone else looks like naked?

I'm a bit torn on that.

3. Let's not hate on ESPN too much.

ESPN did finally acknowledge the story during Monday night's broadcast, although (from what I saw) it was relegated to the scroller and a brief word from Chris Mortensen - with Schefter quickly changing topics in their on-air segment. The worldwide leader just seems really hesitant to jump in on this - and I don't know if it's that they don't want to give credence to regular ESPN-hater or if they don't feel comfortable with the 'TMZ-ness' of the story.

I'm not really anti-ESPN, because I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing. They have their business interests to keep in mind. ESPN makes Disney a lot of money, and ESPN continues to roll out new content and channel options all the time. People tune in to watch Brett Favre and if ESPN brings more attention to this story, maybe it becomes a bigger deal, and it could lead to a world without Brett Favre. And that's bad business for ESPN.

In radio, lots of listeners would get upset about something and accuse the hosts of "only caring about their sponsors". What exactly is wrong with that? The sponsors are the ones who pay the bills, indirectly. I always found that to be a flaw in today's radio audience. Because most radio listeners have obtained their radio content for free, they have become a bit spoiled. Audiences need to remember that television and radio are just like any other businesses - the people who own the stations are in it for the money. While it is good business to cater to your audience and maintain the platform, they don't actually have an obligation to not skew things in their best interests. Like with Brett Favre, if it's bad for ESPN, then they aren't going to go out of there way to make it any more of a story than it has to be.

And I don't find a lot of fault with that. When you or your boss' feet are put to the fire, you may do the same. Whenever I hear a radio show caller say, "you only care about the station sponsors", I think, "Yeah, so what?"

4. I'm glad we had a reminder of just how hot Jenn Sterger is.

Don't you try and be too cool about this. My friend Luke says all the time that she's "not that hot". That's bull. She is too hot.

It's more amazing that this girl has managed, on some level, to stay in the spotlight. According to her website, she's an actress, model, writer and television host. That's quite a 15 minute run from a camera shot during a football game. The only one who has done better is Pamela Anderson, and Jenn hasn't put enough time in yet.

But I encourage you all to not be one of those people hating on something with no basis. I hate on Kobe Bryant, but I have my reasons. Not thinking Jenn Sterger is hot is not hating, it's foolish.

5. One more Jenn Sterger question:

What ever happened to the other two?
We know Jenn, but where are Fabiola and Chrystal?