Saturday, November 27, 2010

Technology Failure & College Football Plays for 11/27

I went to the Iron Bowl yesterday, and it seems that despite all the civic infrastructure improvements that Tuscaloosa, AL has made in comparison to Oxford, MS, there is one area where both towns are right on par: cell phone data coverage.

I had locks ready to go, and even wrote a brief post on my iPhone about gameday traffic. Saved it load... And the sucker disappeared. My apologies. We can all blame AT&T together.

And you can be split on how you feel about it. If I had gotten them to you, we would have gone 4-3. And just for full disclosure, yesterday's locks were: SMU, Alabama, Auburn/Alabama OVER, Oregon, Arizona/Oregon UNDER, Nevada, Boise St/Nevada UNDER.

I've got the locks coming shortly, but here are today's plays from me:

Miami -12
Penn State +1
Mississippi State -3
South Carolina -2'
Southern Cal -4'

*Bonus: South Carolina/Clemson over 45*

I've got the locks coming in mere minutes, so check back here in a few. And remember to follow me on Twitter.

Everybody go do what you have to do. Good luck.