Friday, December 31, 2010

Bowl Mania NYE

Today's Bowl Mania comes from the lovely confines of the Pensacola Airport. If I see Roy Jones Jr., I'll be sure to tell him what you said about him. (You shouldn't talk about Roy like that.)

Let's hope that today's picks better informed than a late-game running playcall by Butch Davis.

South Florida +5'
Notre Dame/Miami under 47'
Florida State +3
Central Florida +6'

I won't have time to write about last night's Tennessee game. But quickly in a lovely, numbered format:

1) Tennessee fans who complain about the personal foul call on JJ - and you're out there, I know - you lose all credibility when discussing UT football. Couldn't of been a more textbook spear.

2) I bet there were a few brawls in Nashville last night. Once the ref said UNC had :01 left, downtown Nashville went on high alert. Would love to get a hold of the police activities from last night.

3) Derek Dooley is fantastic television. I love animated, irritable coaches. The guy couldn't have been pulled in more directions emotionally last night. I list track of the amount of times I read his lips, coming up with "What Bullshit!". Funny.

4) And yes, all the talk about the spike/non-spike/too many men on the field/no timeouts stuff. If there's no :10 runoff, then why don't the receivers on the previous play just snap the ball once it's placed so you don't jab to wait on the fat, dumb lineman to catch up? Just my thought.

5) And I continue to be amazed at how uninformed and panicked both college athletes and especially coaches become in these situations. And remember, these coaches are making millions of dollars. I'd hope they'd find the time to run through a few of these scenarios before kickoff.

- posted from the road

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tonight's Bowl Mania

North Carolina (Raise Up!) +1
Washington/Nebraska under 53'

Go get cash.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bowl Mania #9

A late lunch break has forced the tardy post. My apologies.

According to the closing and current lines, here is today's Bowl Mania:

ECU/Maryland under 70'
Baylor/Illinois under 64
Arizona +4

- posted from the road

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bowl Mania #8

I'm still at work, and I haven't had time to post anything for tonight. (There should be holidays for the times you have to come back from holidays - lots of work to catch up on.) So I promise I haven't seen anything.

Here are what I have for Bowl Mania:

NC State/West Virginia under 50
Iowa +3

More madness as the week continues...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Be Smart, Don't Fall Into This Trap

Just got done seeing the last 1:41 of the Little Caesar's Bowl, and I'm catching a whiff of some stink coming off of Twitter. Some samples:
@MsMajorBOSS: bring on the sexy transfer students and athletes!!!! FIU on the map now!

@Britty1908: The Lil Ceasars by FIU just said free unlimited breadsticks n $2.50 hot n ready. Just bring ur panther ID!

@HOOODtony: No school for all FIU students for next semester due to the bowl win ! Free 12 credits for everyone !
Now, I understand the kids are excited about their first ever bowl win, but let's not get crazy. No matter what the holier-than-thou crew might throw at you, the only people this win matters to are FIU fans. No one else is going to remember this win. I bet you most people didn't realize that this game was on tonight.

And when the ratings come out tomorrow, don't point at me and laugh. It's going to be an inflated figure. Remember, we had people flipping around the tube wondering where the hell the Eagles game was, and they came across this game.

But the reason I want to temper the excitement is because we don't need anyone of any influence using this game as an example of why the current bowl/BCS system is the one that we need to keep. They'll say that with a playoff, this game wouldn't mean anything.

But guess what - it doesn't mean anything ALREADY! Okay, you've won the Dec. 26th bowl game featuring a bowl-eligible MAC team versus a bowl-eligible Sun Belt team that made the bowl because there weren't enough bowl-eligible Big Ten teams. (Yes, that's how FIU got there - because the Big Ten is terrible.) And since you've won that game... nothing. Maybe some pizza.

So don't let it get twisted into a defense of the current system and against a college football playoff. A college football playoff wouldn't kill this game - we can still have the game, and FIU can still win it's first bowl game.

And the game will matter just as much then as it does now. To anyone who doesn't or didn't go to FIU, not much.

Bowl Mania #6

Bowl Mania continues to disappoint you... and me. Believe me.

Let's try again.

Tonight's Bowl Mania brings you:
Toledo +2

12/26 NFL Locks

I'm looking to spread more holiday cheer, as I've got my own glass of milk and cookies to take care of today. The snow is still on the ground here, and it sounds like weather is going to play a big part in some of today's NFL.

I of course, went to my chief meteorologist and asked him about it. This is what he had to say:

San Francisco +2'
Miami -3'
Green Bay -3
Cleveland +4
Denver +2'
Oakland +2'

Bowl Mania for the Little Caesars Bowl later this afternoon. Good luck with the professionals.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Or Happy Holidays For Those of You Who Don't Push the Christian Agenda

(Yes, the title's a joke. Settle down.)

From a wintry day in Northeast Alabama, Happy Holidays. Glad to see the weathermen in Alabama don't take a break from getting it wrong, even during the holidays.

"Some light snow possibly late in the day on Christmas."

My ass. It was snowing when I woke up. And still is.

I apologize for the futile attempts for Bowl-Mania to this point. I had a talk with Santa, and we're going to get it right going forward.

If you care, some anti-public plays for the remainder of today's slate:

Heat/Lakers Over 193'
Nuggets/Thunder Over 212'
Blazers/Warriors Under 202

And NFL...
Cardinals +7'

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bowl Mania #5

Happy Christmas Eve. So far, my traditional Christmas activities are holding strong: my father continues to take advantage of another able body around the house, as I continue to pick stuff up and put stuff down, get items from the basement, and get firewood from the back. Ah, the holidays.

Hope you are enjoying yours.

Let's enjoy it all some more, as we're now closing in on full-blown college football for the next week and a half.

Bowl Mania continues, as we currently stand with a paltry 2-4 record through the bowls to this point.

Today's Bowl Mania:
Tulsa/Hawaii under 74

Let's hope Santa comes a little early for us tonight.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bowl Mania #4

Bowl Mania has not been as rousing success as we had hoped for early on. If anyone can find Boise State's offense, please return to its owner.

Tonight's Bowl Mania Play:
San Diego State -3

Let's all be champions again.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bowl Mania #3

Posting from I-65, heading towered my aunt's undercooked chicken. Hope to see you on the other side.

Tonight's Bowl Mania: Utah/Boise State over 57'.

Good luck.

- posted from the road

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bowl Mania #2

Bowl Mania for tonight: under 59'

- posted from the road

Sunday, December 19, 2010

12/19 NFL Locks

Horrendous start to bowl season, as I jump out of the gates with an 0-3 on official picks. However I am a bit torn on my grief as it wasn't as bad for me personally, since I got the Northern Illinois over at 46'. So it's 1-2 on my personal scoreboard, but what was posted was posted.

We look to rebound today with the professionals, and I've called up my man who went 5-0 last Sunday. Let's shoot for a repeat.

The Locks:
Tennessee -1
Baltimore -2
Giants -3
NY Jets +4
Seattle +6

As for me, I am waiting with baited breath over whether or not Matt Cassel will be starting for the Chiefs. If he does not, and our boy Brodie takes the helm again - put the entire Dow Jones on the Rams. Now THAT'S an economic solution for the country - betting against Brodie.

Good luck.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bowl Mania #1

I had a lot of requests for Bowl Pick 'Em leagues this year. Either everyone really enjoys my company, or everyone was looking for another sap to throw a few more dollars into the pot. I haven't decided yet on what was really going on.

But enough with those silly pick 'em leagues. I'm looking to take out the folks over at BetUS. That's the money I want. I'll be picking every bowl game this year - either a side or a total, so let's lock and load.

New Mexico Bowl: UTEP/BYU under 51
Humanitarian Bowl: Fresno State/N Illinois over 57'
New Orleans Bowl: Ohio +2

I'm still getting a few questions regarding Cam Newton and how it's seemingly been very quiet over the past week. This I do know - he's not going to be found ineligible before the BCS title game. Because if he was, Tostitos, FedEx, AT&T, and a host of other advertisers will majorly pissed off.

Trotter Cobb:
A view from the sidelines.
I'm not sure if you've noticed, but Barrett Trotter ain't Cam Newton. What a major disappointment that would be.

I still struggle with how he is still eligible, as I am of the opinion that the NCAA didn't follow their own guidelines here. That's why the folks over at Southern Cal are so mad. I've said on many occasions that while we may not like the NCAA's (or anyone's) rules - the rules are the rules, and if you break them, you suffer the penalties.

I haven't been convinced yet that Cam Newton and his family didn't break the current rules.

So while I know it's quiet, my advice is to get used to it for about another month. No way anything major happens between now and then. Too much advertising money out there to disappoint.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

NFL Locks for 12/12

I'm in Auburn today, posting from Momma Goldberg's. The guy working here says that ESPN hates Auburn.

They were setting Cam up pretty bad last night, I must say. Every time there was a graphic, names like OJ Simpson and Reggie Bush kept popping up.

That's fairly ominous. I'm not saying that Cam or Cecil Newton is a murderer... at least that we know of. (Duh Duh Duuuhhhh!!)

More on that if I ever get around to it. 'Til then, let's make money the right way by betting on football, as opposed to selling our sons off for football.

Today's locks from my man:

Dallas +3'
Pittsburgh -9
Buffalo -1
New Orleans -9'
San Francisco -5

Good luck. And remember, Dan Mullen would be better off if he had just paid the man his money.

- posted from the road

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Championship Saturday Plays

Here we go.

No cutesy talk today. It's time to put up or shut up.

Auburn -4'
Auburn/So Carolina over 62'
Florida State +3'
Troy -5
Boise St -38'

Do it do it.

- posted from the road