Sunday, December 19, 2010

12/19 NFL Locks

Horrendous start to bowl season, as I jump out of the gates with an 0-3 on official picks. However I am a bit torn on my grief as it wasn't as bad for me personally, since I got the Northern Illinois over at 46'. So it's 1-2 on my personal scoreboard, but what was posted was posted.

We look to rebound today with the professionals, and I've called up my man who went 5-0 last Sunday. Let's shoot for a repeat.

The Locks:
Tennessee -1
Baltimore -2
Giants -3
NY Jets +4
Seattle +6

As for me, I am waiting with baited breath over whether or not Matt Cassel will be starting for the Chiefs. If he does not, and our boy Brodie takes the helm again - put the entire Dow Jones on the Rams. Now THAT'S an economic solution for the country - betting against Brodie.

Good luck.