Sunday, December 26, 2010

Be Smart, Don't Fall Into This Trap

Just got done seeing the last 1:41 of the Little Caesar's Bowl, and I'm catching a whiff of some stink coming off of Twitter. Some samples:
@MsMajorBOSS: bring on the sexy transfer students and athletes!!!! FIU on the map now!

@Britty1908: The Lil Ceasars by FIU just said free unlimited breadsticks n $2.50 hot n ready. Just bring ur panther ID!

@HOOODtony: No school for all FIU students for next semester due to the bowl win ! Free 12 credits for everyone !
Now, I understand the kids are excited about their first ever bowl win, but let's not get crazy. No matter what the holier-than-thou crew might throw at you, the only people this win matters to are FIU fans. No one else is going to remember this win. I bet you most people didn't realize that this game was on tonight.

And when the ratings come out tomorrow, don't point at me and laugh. It's going to be an inflated figure. Remember, we had people flipping around the tube wondering where the hell the Eagles game was, and they came across this game.

But the reason I want to temper the excitement is because we don't need anyone of any influence using this game as an example of why the current bowl/BCS system is the one that we need to keep. They'll say that with a playoff, this game wouldn't mean anything.

But guess what - it doesn't mean anything ALREADY! Okay, you've won the Dec. 26th bowl game featuring a bowl-eligible MAC team versus a bowl-eligible Sun Belt team that made the bowl because there weren't enough bowl-eligible Big Ten teams. (Yes, that's how FIU got there - because the Big Ten is terrible.) And since you've won that game... nothing. Maybe some pizza.

So don't let it get twisted into a defense of the current system and against a college football playoff. A college football playoff wouldn't kill this game - we can still have the game, and FIU can still win it's first bowl game.

And the game will matter just as much then as it does now. To anyone who doesn't or didn't go to FIU, not much.