Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bowl Mania #1

I had a lot of requests for Bowl Pick 'Em leagues this year. Either everyone really enjoys my company, or everyone was looking for another sap to throw a few more dollars into the pot. I haven't decided yet on what was really going on.

But enough with those silly pick 'em leagues. I'm looking to take out the folks over at BetUS. That's the money I want. I'll be picking every bowl game this year - either a side or a total, so let's lock and load.

New Mexico Bowl: UTEP/BYU under 51
Humanitarian Bowl: Fresno State/N Illinois over 57'
New Orleans Bowl: Ohio +2

I'm still getting a few questions regarding Cam Newton and how it's seemingly been very quiet over the past week. This I do know - he's not going to be found ineligible before the BCS title game. Because if he was, Tostitos, FedEx, AT&T, and a host of other advertisers will majorly pissed off.

Trotter Cobb:
A view from the sidelines.
I'm not sure if you've noticed, but Barrett Trotter ain't Cam Newton. What a major disappointment that would be.

I still struggle with how he is still eligible, as I am of the opinion that the NCAA didn't follow their own guidelines here. That's why the folks over at Southern Cal are so mad. I've said on many occasions that while we may not like the NCAA's (or anyone's) rules - the rules are the rules, and if you break them, you suffer the penalties.

I haven't been convinced yet that Cam Newton and his family didn't break the current rules.

So while I know it's quiet, my advice is to get used to it for about another month. No way anything major happens between now and then. Too much advertising money out there to disappoint.