Friday, December 31, 2010

Bowl Mania NYE

Today's Bowl Mania comes from the lovely confines of the Pensacola Airport. If I see Roy Jones Jr., I'll be sure to tell him what you said about him. (You shouldn't talk about Roy like that.)

Let's hope that today's picks better informed than a late-game running playcall by Butch Davis.

South Florida +5'
Notre Dame/Miami under 47'
Florida State +3
Central Florida +6'

I won't have time to write about last night's Tennessee game. But quickly in a lovely, numbered format:

1) Tennessee fans who complain about the personal foul call on JJ - and you're out there, I know - you lose all credibility when discussing UT football. Couldn't of been a more textbook spear.

2) I bet there were a few brawls in Nashville last night. Once the ref said UNC had :01 left, downtown Nashville went on high alert. Would love to get a hold of the police activities from last night.

3) Derek Dooley is fantastic television. I love animated, irritable coaches. The guy couldn't have been pulled in more directions emotionally last night. I list track of the amount of times I read his lips, coming up with "What Bullshit!". Funny.

4) And yes, all the talk about the spike/non-spike/too many men on the field/no timeouts stuff. If there's no :10 runoff, then why don't the receivers on the previous play just snap the ball once it's placed so you don't jab to wait on the fat, dumb lineman to catch up? Just my thought.

5) And I continue to be amazed at how uninformed and panicked both college athletes and especially coaches become in these situations. And remember, these coaches are making millions of dollars. I'd hope they'd find the time to run through a few of these scenarios before kickoff.

- posted from the road