Monday, January 24, 2011

Defensive Coordinator Unaware of

I was at the Senior Bowl practice earlier today in Fairhope, AL at the Fairhope Municipal Field. Saw some good stuff - Mike Carpenter of Alabama flattened a defensive tackle from (I believe) Kent State (it was a blue helmet, at least).

Greg McElroy was there, already politicking his way towards Roger Goodell's succession, as well as Noel Devine - who must be thrilled about how his collegiate career turned out. The good news of the day may have been that Lee Ziemba didn't blow out anyone's knee with a dirty chop block (watch the tapes, Auburn fans).

But it wasn't necessarily what I saw from the practice that I'm going to rest to memory. It was what was on our car when we left. And on everyone else's car in the parking lot...

A flyer with the playing and coaching career information of recently-former UCLA Defensive Coordinator Chuck Bullough. Yes, a flyer. Lookee here...

 That flyer is for real. These things were on every windshield in the joint.

Now, I'm not sure if these were left by Coach Bullough or someone else, but it sure seemed odd to me if this is how coaches spread their resumes around. Who knew that the way to riches in college and the NFL is via wiperblade?

But this can't be really how this works, right? It had no indication of what the flyer was for, just a play-by-play of this guy's gigs of the past twenty years. Perhaps O'Leary should have been as concise on his resume, I dunno.

Any ideas out there?

UPDATE(1-25-11, 07:30): Yep, it was him. The Charlotte Observer didn't take the same slant I did with this effort. All I know is that I'll be voting for Bullough in Ward 4 this fall. Lots of experience.