Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dirty or Not, You Are What They Think You Are recently conducted a survey - as detailed here by the Gainesville Sun - on which conference was the dirtiest in college football.

The Conference of Champions
Or is it Cheaters?
Of course, the SEC came in #1. And at a clip of 66%, too - this conference wins everything!

Despite the recent and current troubles with USC, Oregon, Ohio State, and North Carolina - is anyone surprised? I don't even think SEC fans would really be shook by this.

In fact, SEC fans probably take things like this as a badge of honor.

But in the grand scheme of things, it makes sense, right? This conference has attained 7 of the 13 total BCS National Championships and has collected the last 5 straight.

(Did you know that Mike Slive has been on the job 9 years now, and in his time, the SEC has won 6 BCS titles? Oh yeah, and 2 NCAA Tournament Champions, and 3 College World Series Champs. That's quite a successful run for 'Ol Mikey.)

Perception is the problem.

And despite what Mrs. White told you in first grade, cheaters always win. Being the nice guy and playing by the rules doesn't do you any favors - believe me, I know.

Has Alabama cheated? Tennessee? LSU? Auburn? Maybe. Probably. But that's just how it feels when someone else wins all the time. The SEC, at least I believe, is no worse than any other conference.

And that's proven by what we are seeing right now with Ohio State and Oregon, and with USC having to vacate a national title. Vacate!

If basketball (the seediest of all college sports) was in the mix here, you'd have to turn it right back around to the Big Ten, the ACC, the Big East, PAC-12, the SEC, and anywhere Jim Harrick has been seen in the past 8, 10, or 25 years. That'd be a tougher poll question - the dirtiest basketball conference. There's some real debate there.

But, when it comes to football, of course the SEC is the dirtiest. No matter what everyone else is doing/has done. If you keep winning, the perception is that you're up to no good. (And sometimes, you might be.)