Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why Must We Continue to Feel Sorry for Jennifer Aniston?

I saw Horrible Bosses tonight. It wasn't too bad - definitely not a 'great' movie, but it falls in the C+ maybe up to a B range. A couple of good jokes, and I'm a big Sunny fan, so I'm down with Charlie Day. (Who, by the way, keeps it in his wheelhouse by playing the same character no matter the film/show. Some folks should wish to be so wise.)

I had decided to see the movie after a discussion with an old radio friend, which led to another discussion that I will talk about here. (So, if this ends up being talked about on the radio, please don't assume that I always steal my thoughts from the radio - just most of the time.)

At most of my visits to the grocery store, I spend my time in the checkout line scoping out the gossip magazines' cover stories. It never fails that every other week, that one of the magazines features a Jennifer Aniston 'taking charge of her life/reflecting upon/how she's recovering' article. Mostly with photos from a red carpet. It makes me ask:

Why is this magazine forcing me to feel sorry for Jennifer Aniston?

Everybody take it easy. Jen's doing alright.
Things aren't that bad for Jen. Forbes has her earning $28 million over the last year. I should just stop there, but I'll keep going...

She's a movie star. That seems like a good gig to have.

She's hot. And has been for about 20 years, seeing a lot of other fresh-faced actresses come and go.

She was on one of the most popular TV shows of all-time. Ensemble cast, and is there a bigger star in the group? Anyone seen Matt LeBlanc lately?

She has a hairstyle named after her. That's some degree of power and general public acceptance, right?

Now, I'm absolutely convinced that getting dumped or breaking up with someone that means a lot to you sucks. Been there - it's awful. But, it's not like Jen has been just sitting around moping. Here's a quick highlight rundown of romances post-Pitt: Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor (some model - decent looking guy), John Mayer, Gerard Butler, the CEO of Pink Taco, and John Mayer (again). Now she dates this Justin Theroux, who apparently is an actor, too.

And those are just the ones we know about. That's 7 guys, if you count Mayer twice. And it's been 6 years since the divorce. Looks to me that Jennifer is 'keeping company' just fine. (What a great old lady code word for sleeping with someone - 'keeping company'.)

Why exactly are these magazines forcing me to feel sorry for her? It's been six years, and she's out in the public with other men! What am I missing?

Rich, successful, popular, and she's dating half of Hollywood. If you want to throw a pity party for Jennifer Aniston, I'm RSVPing my decline.