Friday, August 12, 2011

Dan Beebe Makes His Favoritism Clear.

Dan Beebe. He loves Texas
more than Texas A&M.
Just ask him.
Dan Beebe is showing every past, current, and future conference commissioner exactly how NOT to run an athletic conference.

Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe has told Texas A&M that Texas holds the key to the long-term future of the Big 12, and that the Big 12 would survive without the Aggies, according to an A&M official.
If this is true, Dan Beebe is definitively a bad leader, and every school president in what's left of the Big XII should be on the phone right now looking to work a deal to get away from Texas and the Big XII.

It’s fine to face facts, and while it is common knowledge that Texas is the cog of the Big XII engine, I am of the opinion that you do NOT publicly

This is NOT something you would see Mike Slive do. And while some bring more than others, Slive talks of every institution as an equal, valuing what each of his member institutions do bring to the table.

For Dan Beebe to speak this way of Texas A&M – can you blame them for wanting to leave?

I imagine that an element of being a great conference commissioner would be excellent people skills and the ability to manage relationships between others. If Dan Beebe is telling A&M that they aren't as important as their in-state rival school - then he is FAILING.

The source on this information is on the A&M side - so even if this is not what Beebe said, it is what A&M thinks he said. And that's all that matters.

It’s not a good thing to have your conference commissioner be a head cheerleader for one of your schools – at the expense and detriment of all the other schools.

How could the relationship possibly continue after this?

Looks like the Aggies really are heading this way.

UPDATE: My boy Ian Fitzsimmons of GAC in Dallas reports that via text
, Dan Beebe says that the reports of him telling A&M officials that the Big XII will live on without Texas A&M are "totally inaccurate".

Two things on that:

1) Like I said above, it may not necessarily be what you do or don't say, it's the message that comes across. And the A&M people believe this is how he feels. I'll have a hard time believing that this is not Beebe's stance until I get an A&M official to say, "Commissioner Dan Beebe is a fair and honest man, who treats all of the member institutions of the Big XII with great respect and works for ALL of their best interests."

That ain't happening.

2) Beebe's right, if you take the report in it's entirety:

Asked about multiple reports that he told Texas A&M officials that Texas was the key to the future of the Big 12 and that the Big 12 would survive without the Aggies, Beebe said in a text message to ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM's Ian Fitzsimmons those reports are "totally inaccurate."
He's right because, if Texas A&M leaves, the Big XII won't survive. Or at least it shouldn't with Dan Beebe as commissioner.

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