Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fight! Fight! Fight!

From The Big Lead: Fight About Sports at Applebee’s Ends with Oklahoma Fan Allegedly Stabbing a Texas Fan:
TV station KENS in San Antonio reported the suspect was an OU fan and that he pulled a knife during the fight and was stabbed with his own blade. The police report lists the weapon as an orange folding pocketknife.
It doesn't seem that my public service attempts on this website are having much effect.

I'm telling you, we can laugh (and I did - my initial response/Tweet), but sooner or later somebody's going to get killed.

What'd you say about Cole Hamels?!
And I know that bad things happen all the time, and people have always gotten in fights over anything and everything: from religion all the way down to saying something to a guy's girlfriend. Some of it's justified, some of it's stupid - you can decide where you draw the line.

This is the year 2011, right? We've put people on the damn Moon, after all (at least we used to). We have the ability to instantly communicate with people clear around the world. And we're developed a sophisticated society with worldwide commerce and infrastructure.

Get 'em, Davey!
Yet, when it comes to sports, it's 130 A.D. Rome - all hell breaks loose.

I think that when we hear the word 'hooligan' - we generally all have the same vision. Drunk, shaved-head, missing a few teeth, and just ready to whoop ass at a moment's notice. Oh yeah - and British. Definitely British, because that kind of behavior only belongs in a country that isn't as progressively modern as the great United States.

And surely that kind of behavior would never be tolerated in the US South, where men are gentlemen and women are modest and courteous. Where tradition is paramount, and what other people think about you as a person truly matters.

Of course, that's bologna. Sports culture dominates this area of the country, with children having their team picked for them while in the womb. It's how you grow up. You're either an 'Auburn Person' or an 'Alabama Person'. That's a real description.

If an Alabama Person hears someone described to be an 'Auburn Person', they think, "Well, he must not be very smart, is hard-headed, and difficult to get along with." Or is it the other way around? Or is it the same, either way?

And let me be clear on my position - I really do love how it defines us as people. I really wish that I personally was more passionate about a team. I've just found myself more attracted to the gossip and glamour of it all. Anything that's controversial, that's what I pull for.

But to let it define ourselves to the point that we are capable of seriously, seriously injuring or even killing another person (or thing - trees, anyone?), that's just a little much for me. That is not where we need to end up.

If you're stabbing someone in an Applebee's in San Antonio, aren't you a hooligan?

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