Monday, August 22, 2011

Tennessee Football Cannot Escape Embarrassment

In recent years, I think it'd be safe to say that things haven't been going too well for Tennessee football. Phil Fulmer got pushed out, Lane Kiffin pulls an okey-doke on everyone, UT players don't mix well with gas stations, and Derek Dooley got confused by Les Miles (but honestly - who wasn't?).

Time to set a new standard, right? Tennessee football is going to get organized and once again become a force in the SEC. Enough with the frustration, the mediocrity, and enough with being the butt of jokes!

But then we see this...

Oh, brother.

Yep, the last thing UT football players will see before running through the T - 'Opportunity is Nowhere.'

Obviously, the idea was to have it say, 'Opportunity is Now Here.' But that's not what it says.

I showed this to my father - NOT a Tennessee fan of any measurement - and all he could do was shake his head. Even he is feeling sorry for UT. And that's quite a statement.

I can't really say anything nice about this, so I guess I'll just pass along my condolences, Vol fans. Let's all hope things will get better.

And maybe next time, print out the design before you apply it to the door. Just a tip.

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