Friday, September 2, 2011

The Bobby/Whitney Drama Continues With Spurrier/Garcia

Spurrier is in love with this guy?

Couldn't have scripted it better myself.

Always one to keep us all entertained, Steve Spurrier revealed on his weekly radio program last night that he will start Connor Shaw over ninth year senior Stephen Garcia. Both would play in Saturday's game, but Shaw would be on the field first.
"I said way back we're going to have a preseason competition to see who the starter is going to be (the) first game," Spurrier said. "We've gone through preseason, so it's over. The guy who rated the best was Connor Shaw. He played better than Stephen Garcia. Simple as that. So he's going to start the game."
SOS went on...
"(Shaw) is going to play the first quarter and Stephen's going to play the second quarter," Spurrier said. "And we're going to see what happens after that. That's the fair way to do it."
If you didn't spend too much time thinking about it, you'd say that Garcia must be pissed. But Garcia's a different bird. I'm not sure this dude is down with learning lessons. Particularly if Garcia ends up playing in the game anyway. He's never really struck me to be one to take much from a repercussion-less lesson.

I also believe that Garcia gets a fairly bad rap. The best I can tell, he's just like about six or seven dozen of my friends in college, only probably much cooler and much more popular. He just happens to be the quarterback of the football team. But getting drunk and naked with a bunch of other girls while in college? I'll admit that in college I did at least one of those two things. This kid has fully embraced the college experience. We should all be so lucky.

But it's obviously been a bumpy ride for Coach and QB. Which leads me to wonder that with all the great college QBs that Steve Spurrier has coached - how good must Stephen Garcia be for him Spurrier to put up with all of it? He's still on the team, after all, and he's got a kid - presumably - in Connor Saw that has played better than Garcia. Why keep allowing Garcia back on the team after all the trouble and suspensions?

Maybe SOS thinks that Stephen Garcia is awesome, and he's just waiting for him to break out in a Manning-type of way. (Peyton, not Eli.)

Like Whitney and Bobby,
Spurrier and Garcia can't quit each other.
Probably not, but it makes you wonder why SOS puts up with it all.

Is there a more dysfunctional relationship in college football? Spurrier & Garcia draws comparisons to Bobby & Whitney, Ronnie & Sammi, Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson... It's our own college football soap opera.

Wildly entertaining. Thanks for getting our season off to a great start, Ball Coach! Should be another fun one.