Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cam Newton Plan: Week 3

Last week was a little stronger for us, as I got us off to a 2-1 start, and my man piling in late with a 4-2. And - between us - he was beyond pissed about that Notre Dame game. Toss that in with the Miami game from Week 1, and we've seen some pretty tough beats in the first two weeks.

I must come clean in that I pulled an okey-doke on Thursday. I had been listening to everyone all week that Mississippi State was going to be the right play, but when it came to pull the trigger, I just couldn't do it and took LSU instead. Hopefully you'll forgive me.

It was tough, though - I had to go against the tried and true formula of the weeknight home dog. I love to catch points at home on short weeks. But what got me away was that LSU really didn't have a short week last week. They had Northwestern State the prior week, so it was really like they had over a week and a half to prepare going into Starkville. If this had been a mid-October Thursday night game, things may have been different. So, that's why I turned my back on State this week.

So, on to this week. Once again, these are my plays, and I show you the number that I got and/or bought down to. Here we go...

Colorado -6' (This started out at 9'. I bought a half point. Basically we're getting a field goal for free.)
Auburn +4' (Possibly my worst play ever. I'm totally buying into the 'they just keep winning' talk. David Pollack is on my TV screen way too much. Stay away from this one.)
South Carolina -14 (I think South Carolina's about to hit their stride. We'll see.)

So there you have it. That's what I've got.

I've already been in touch with my man this morning, so here's an early serving for you (yes, we go head to head on AU/Clemson - do what you like):
Maryland +1
Clemson -3'
Pittsburgh +3
Duke +7

UPDATE: More plays for the evening...
N Tex/Bama u58'
Arizona +10
Stanford/Arizona u56
And we're torn on FSU & Oklahoma. We feel good on Oklahoma, but the public us telling us the smart play is FSU. Whatever you do, drink up. It'll make it better no matter what happens.

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