Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cam Newton Plan, Week Cuatro

Last week, I was not so hot. 1-2 on my plays. My man won our head's up with Clemson/Auburn, but overall was a paltry 4-3. Let's do better this week.

It's also my birthday today, so we've gotta have some level of luck on our side, right? Although, I'm not sure if turning 30 is necessarily luck. Turning 16 is lucky. Turning 21 is lucky. Turning 95 is lucky. 30 doesn't necessarily scream luck.

The plan is today I will be stomping the good grounds of Tuscaloosa, AL. Still yet to be determined on whether or not I will actually go to the game. Big screens at Gallette's and Houndstooth sure do seem to be a better seat - and they'll serve you beer! They've got bathrooms, too! It's like heaven.

On to my plays - again, my plays, and at the number that I got or bought down to:

Because I will be mobile today, no big promises on any updates with late plays. I also have the worst iPhone ever that holds maybe 3 hours of battery life. Yes, I will be camping out for an iPhone 5, no matter how dorky it makes me look.

Alright, here we go:
So Miss +3'
Cal pk
UNC +7
Texas A&M -4'
LSU -5'

Get it done.

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