Saturday, September 3, 2011

College Football - The Plan is to Make as Much Money as Cam Newton Did Last Year

I think this picture's 6 years old.
I will remember it always.
The moment I fell in love. Twice.
Alright, here we go. I posted a few weeks back that I was worried about this season, and my ability to enjoy it to it's greatest potential. Let's just say that my issues were quickly resolved.

I'll let you know what I'm doing, and if I pick up any tips throughout the day, I'll post those as well. I'll be amongst 'interested parties' throughout the day, so keep checking back here or on twitter for updates.

Remember, this is what I'm playing. Take it for what you will, and yes - I've been jumping on teams early in the week and buying points like crazy:

Auburn -22'
BYU -2
South Carolina -20
Oregon -3'

If you've got a play that you want to share with everyone - OR if there's a game you want me to ask my man about, just slap it into the comments below, and I'll try to hook you up. We're a family, after all, so why not share?

UPDATE, 10:32a - two plays from my man (I've placed with the numbers I bought to):

Alabama/Kent State Under 49'
Western Michigan +14

UPDATE, 1:28p - another 2:30 game play from my man. Make this one fun to watch:
UCLA/Houston OVER 58

UPDATE, 4:32p - late day chasing, should you need it. From my man:
New Mexico +7'
Ball St +6
Tulsa +25
Colorado +7

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