Sunday, September 4, 2011

Devastation Day in Week 1

The Reaper took it to us yesterday.
Yesterday was a slaying. No excuses, it just was what it was.

Pretty sure that my initial picks all saddled in at 0-4, and we had a 3-3 effort (lucky the Western Michigan game was called - we weren't going to win that one) from what my man was able to share with us. Just a devastating day.

Most frustrating points of the day:
1) Bronco Mendenhall not kicking the field goal to go up 4.
2) The entire South Carolina game. Why Spurrier messed around like that, I'll never understand.
3) Phillip Sims setting up the lone score for Kent State.
4) Not dialing in on Boise State. I should either be much more selective or much less selective with my gut.

We'll do better.