Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cam Newton Is A Free Man! So Share Some of That Cash-O-La. Week 7College Plays.

Cam Newton and Auburn were vindicated this week, as the NCAA has closed the books on their investigation in his recruitment. I like the caveat of "until new evidence is brought forward" - just to keep Bama fans hoping.

So, it turns out that Newton's move to Auburn was on the up and up. Fair enough. I thought he was the greatest college football player I had ever seen (over-taking Reggie Bush's spot in my mind), and if his records/stats can stand, all the better to measure against the next great player.

I scored the new iPhone 4S yesterday, and I am pumped. I'm a little concerned about the battery life - it's better than my 3GS, but I'm not convinced it could make it through an entire day of solid usage. I'll be looking to add a lot more video and pics with the new phone.

As always, these are my plays, at the number that I got them (or bought them) at. I often dial in early in weeks when I feel like the number is going to move against me.

Pittsburgh -5'
South Carolina -3 (A case where dialing in early actually cost me a little.)
Florida/Auburn UNDER 51

Since I had a few early plays, I got with my man a little earlier this morning. Here's what he had:

Michigan State -3
Texas A&M -8
Florida -2
Mississippi State +3 (Another head-to-head. Do what you must.)

Let's hope that after today, we'll all be singing this...

How awesome were they? And still are!

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