Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cam Newton Plan Week 6

Good week in college last week. I got us a 3-0, while my man lost the Florida/Bama head-to-head matchup with a 3-4 week. Of course, I was pleased. That was until the NFL came Sunday and struck me down. Then, not so pleased.

I can't go anywhere without
this stuff. But not for long...
I'm very excited, as I've dialed in on my iPhone 4S. I would have been more excited had it been an iPhone 5, but then Steve Jobs went and died on Wednesday, so I didn't want to complain too much. I cannot wait, though. I have been bitching about my current iPhone (3GS) for almost a year now, as it gives me just about three hours of battery life. I have to take a charger with me everywhere I go.

But I'm really excited about it, as I think it can add a lot to what I put up here. I can shoot more videos, pictures, and I can have more fun with this space. Which is really what it's supposed to be about, anyway. So starting next Friday, I'll be blogging like a ninja - day or night, I can strike at anytime.

I'm sure you can't wait.

I have to attend a wedding tonight, conveniently scheduled at 6:00 central, which is when all the games I want to watch start. The southern fall wedding has been documented/commented on enough - but we all agree, it's a bad idea, and it's inconvenient on everyone. But I do love free booze and cake, so I'll surrender this time.

Here are my picks for this week. As always, these are my picks at the number that I got them at. I do dial in early in weeks when I feel the number is going to move against me. Let's all play like champions today.

LSU - 12'
Virginia Tech -7 (Big bounce back game here. Hokies are going to bring it.)
Vandy/Alabama under 42
Georgia -1'

My man is in the Big Easy this weekend, so I doubt we'll be hearing from him. If I do, I'll let you know what he's thinking.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure...

Because I couldn't help it, more from Thin Lizzy...

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