Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grocery Store Wine Bar?

Went to the Whole Foods in Mountain Brook earlier this evening. I remember when it first opened, I was doing radio in Birmingham, and I wanted to do a remote from the opening to cover the madness.

My next experience with a Whole Foods was in Memphis, TN. After two years of going to dirty Schnuck's and convenient-but-pricey Miss Cordelia's, I found the Whole Foods over in East Memphis. It was like going on vacation. Possibly the cleanest place in the whole city.

But tonight I saw something that I couldn't quite get my head around: a bar in the grocery store. And folks were actually there drinking, eating dinner.

Errbody gettin' tipsy at Whole Foods.
Just not sure I see the grocery store as a social conclave. Usually when I see people I know at the grocery store, I'll give you the nod and move on, or maybe a quick convo.

So how does it work? Do you call up somebody, and you decide to meet for drinks at the grocery store?

Is this cool to do or not?

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