Monday, October 10, 2011

RC Johnson Adds Another To The RC Archive

RC Johnson is the director of athletics at the University of Memphis. He may also be senile.

In what has been noted in this space before, Mr. Johnson has an innate (and seemingly incurable) ability to 1) have no perception of reality and 2) be willing to display this non-perception with the public.

Today, RC had this to say, courtesy of WMC-TV in Memphis:
"We want to try to get ourselves in the best possible place," Johnson said. "Ultimately we would like to be in the SEC. That's where we think we belong geographically. We think we deserve to be."
This from the man who has knocked on every conference door in the country, pleading with anyone to take his school into his conference. And with no success.

It is clear that with RC Johnson's statements he is completely in the dark on how the rest of the country views his athletic department. I'll provide some examples in a second, but where RC is taking this University - which, I believe, has a fair amount of potential - isn't just into oblivion. He's taken it into a total embarrassment. Now, I don't want this to happen, but I'm honestly fearing the day he wets himself on the podium. If this doesn't demonstrate that he's lost control of his faculties, I don't know what does.

If I can have a moment alone with RC...

RC, they are all laughing at you. Look...

Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated (@slmandel):
The beauty of realignment is that whenever someone says something stupid, someone else trumps it. Memphis' AD:
Andy Staples of Yahoo (@Andy_Staples):
Is it bad that I originally thought the R.C. Johnson/Memphis "deserves to be in the SEC" story came from The Onion?
Bruce Feldman of CBS (@BFeldmancbs):
In football?? They'd struggle to compete in the SunBelt now. MT @mengus22: Memphis AD RC Johnson says Memphis "deserves to be in the SEC".
Chadd Scott of Atlanta radio (@ChaddScott):
Words fail me RT @mengus22 Memphis Athletic Director RC Johnson says Memphis "deserves to be in the SEC".
Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! (@DanWetzel):
Often asked why bowl games are able to rip schools off. Have you listened to these ADs? Yes you RC Johnson
Some guy named Doug (@doug_keegan):
And I deserve to be with Scarlett Johansson RT @CFTalk Memphis AD: 'We deserve to be' in the SEC: #collegefootball
My friend Brandon (@bharris901):
Why didn't RC Johnson just say Memphis deserves to be in the AFC South? Might as well go all-out.
It goes on forever. Fans and national (influential) commentators are straight up laughing at RC. This does not move a program in a positive direction. I've been searching for about 20 minutes, and I haven't seen a positive or supportive tweet or comment on RC's statement yet.

If the trustees of the University are paying any attention at all, please go get granddad his pills and tell him he can't drive anymore. He's just making himself and Memphis look foolish.

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