Saturday, October 22, 2011

Waiting On Missouri. And the Hope That It Ain't So... Week 8 Of College Plays.

The Missouri saga continues, as some board of curators now has given the authority to some old guy to enter into contracts.

Listen, I've been to Missouri several times. St. Louis mostly, but I've also driven across it twice. It's really just a huge Alabama. At least that's what it looks like from the car.

I can't believe that Missouri is going to be in the SEC. Boo. Frank Beamer deserves a kick to that marsupial patch on his neck for not stepping up and saying something. Boo to Beamer, boo to that neck patch.

As always, these are my plays at the number I got/bought. Make that money...

Ole Miss +16. I cannot figure out why this # is so low. So that pushes me to it, and the Right Reverend is due to rally the troops in Oxford and - maybe not win, but - at least make a game closer than it should.

Alabama/Tennessee under 47. My buddy Reade has a crazy stat that since LSU '07, there's been only 1 over to hit at an SEC game in Bryant-Denny. That game was Arkansas this year. The question really is can Tennessee score 10. No they cannot.

Oklahoma State -6'. The public is all over the Cowboys here. Usually a bad sign. I don't care. The total is about 70, and that's enough points for Oklahoma State to get some seperation.

I've checked with my man, and here's what he's got:

LSU -21
Miami -2'
Notre Dame -8'
Missouri +6' (head to head with me - do what you must)
Michigan State +7

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