Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week 5 of the Cam Newton Plan: Not Way Down, But Definitely Not Up

The Arches in Athens, GA
Since it seems the site got a little bit of attention this week, I should probably explain the title of this season's weekly gambling posts. I have Cam Newton in the title only because I thought it was funny. So you know, this is not a pro-Bama or pro-Auburn website. I'm pro-chaos more than anything, but I do make an effort to be fair in any of my thoughts and opinions. So, I'm not looking rile up any Auburn fans (at least not too much) or establish this area as a crimson-colored viewpoint. There you have it.

This week, I take my talents to Athens, GA for the Bulldog v. Bulldog matchup. I'll be rolling with some pretty hardcore Georgia fans, so I can't wait to witness the venom directed toward Mark Richt should things go South. In particular, how quickly it comes out. Love an angry fan base.

Road trips are the best, and road trips to Athens are even better. Great college town, maybe one of the best in America. During my last experience in Athens (2009), I fell in love with a bartender at Barcode. Maybe this time I won't throw a pick-six while talking to her. (By the time I spoke to this girl, I was sporting a BAC that could of gotten me on Dr. Drew. I was in no condition to make a positive impression.)

And now that I'm here, I remembered the trip before (2004), I saw a person get thrown through a Waffle House window. Yes, that bullet-proof thick glass. Over the years, I've had a hard time convincing people that actually happened. If anyone out there was there that night, drop me a line.

And because I haven't camped out for my iPhone 5 yet, my updates during the day will be suspect if at all. Be sure to dial in early on the plays, but tune in on Twitter (@harry_long) for trip updates.

Last week slapped us with a 2-2-1. (UNC with the Nick Bakay Tale of the Tape push.) But I believe it's time we finally make a move. I've been looking close all week and even dialed in a few games early in the week - so if a number looks too good to be true, well it was true, just earlier in the week. (Early bird!) As always, these are my plays, at the number that I got or bought down to:

Georgia -6
Alabama -3
Arizona St/Oregon State over 52
(This game opened with a total of 63 - I have no idea why it dropped. So I'm taking it. Ignorance is bliss.)

I'll be in touch with my man throughout the day, so if there's a game that you want some info on, leave it in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter, and I'll try to hook you up.

UPDATE: 10:00am Central
Got with my man early today, and he's got a slew of games for us to participate in. Here we go:
Toledo +8'
LSU/Kentucky UNDER 47
Kansas State +4
USC -12
South Carolina -10
Virginia Tech -6'
Florida +4 (head to head with me - do what you will)

Let's all celebrate this weekend. To life, love, and keeping that BAC under .20.

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