Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 9 College Football Plays

Quick shout out to my boy B Jones in Huntsville. Saw him last weekend for the first time in awhile. He's been spending his time popping out a bunch of kids. For his wife's sake, let's hope he's done for awhile.

I'm writing this from different spots on 280, on my way to Auburn. It's an effort to see the SEC's worst team (Ole Miss) and contrast it to next week's Game of the Millenium. Hope I can handle the shock of it.

We've done really well the past few weeks on the site. Some of us (me) have been able to flip the script with a few well-timed parlays. I'd go back and give you our record, but I don't know how to do that from my phone.

Regardless, here are my plays for this week at the number that I got or bought down to, live from highway 280:

South Carolina -3 (I know - I am currently involced in a Spurrier boycott, but UT is soooo bad.)

Auburn -12' (Speaking of bad, the Rebels.)

Arkansas -8' (Vandy might be mad, but I think people are forgetting that Arkansas is clearly #3 in the conference, with a lot of space between them and #9 Vandy. I'd say at least 10 points of space.)

My man also has some trick-or-treats for us...

Louisville -3
Georgia Tech +3'
Nebraska -4
Oklahoma -13
Florida +3

Good luck.