Thursday, October 20, 2011

When You Die, They Say You See A White Light. And In That Light Will Be Tim Tebow.

ESPN's homepage this morning. Isn't this a bit much?

He's always looking down upon us. homepage, 10/20/11
And it's not just on your computer, ESPN The Magazine is on board as well.

Golden boy.
Yes, this is all ridiculous. But I will say, there are two people that I believe immediately lived up to their hype. LeBron James' first few years in the league (the expectations have now changed for LeBron, but when he first got into the league - WOW) and Tim Tebow's impact at Florida.

I remember seeing the promos when Neese State (Tebow's high school) played Hoover on ESPN. The montages were beyond ridiculous. But, there we were, three years later, and Tim Tebow was on his way to a second national title during his tenure. His time at Florida was revolutionary and met or exceeded all the hype and expectations.

The guy's won at life every step of the way. I say screw the experts. In the NFL, he may not put up the stats of Aaron Rodgers. Hell, he may not put up the stats of Kyle Boller - but he wins. He always has.

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