Thursday, November 17, 2011

B to the Izzy

I have been asked where I've been this week. You know, no posts and all. I thought about it and went and asked Merriam–Webster:

A) engaged in action : occupied
B) being in use (found the telephone busy)

full of activity : bustling (a busy seaport)

foolishly or intrusively active : meddling

full of distracting detail (a busy design)

I'm partial to definitions three and four. Those probably describe me best.

But busy is good, right?

Quick basketball thought:

I did have an opportunity to see Alabama play Maryland earlier this evening. I think it's fun when Alabama is competitive in basketball - or even just a group that plays hard. That had been lost in the last five years of Gottfried's reign. Mark had quit caring (or making any kind of an effort), and it was reflected on the floor.

Anthony Grant's got some talent coming in - which Gottfried was able to do. The difference is that Grant (to this point) is keeping that talent in school or at Alabama, and he's got them playing hard.

Makes a big difference and sets the tone for the program.

Hopefully, Tony Mitchell won't spend the year trying out for the NBA, and if they can get 12 minutes a game out if Nick Jacobs and the Swede down low, I like Bama as a potential second weekend team.

And, as you've probably realized, the only purpose of this post was to make a post. Hope we are all better off for it.

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