Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Boeheim Probably Going To Be Shown the Door

Right or wrong, I never felt totally comfortable with Joe Paterno getting the heave-ho. While I can definitely understand that perspective (and can't say that there is anything wrong with it), I just sit on the side that Joe didn't really know what all was going on. If he had actually known, then I'd of been all about kicking him out.

Whether he should have known or not, I guess that's what determines your feelings towards Joe Paterno's exit. And that's fair. I feel it's just a sad situation all around.

On to Bernie Fine. And Jim Boeheim.

If you follow the protocol/logic of the Penn State situation - how does Jim Boeheim survive? Boeheim says he's not worried about his job status. Boeheim is a bit of an asshole, so the "I don't worry about it" thing is probably just his way. But man, if I were him, I'd start filling my Netflix queue with all the free time I'd about to have.

There's no way he survives this, right? I don't see enough difference between Penn State and Syracuse to come to any other conclusion.

What's more - why is Boeheim still on the sideline?

What does the Syracuse administration know that would make them feel comfortable by not taking any action on Boeheim to this point? And should that make me reconsider the position that Boeheim is probably on the way out?

It may once again come back to what did Boeheim know. Was there ever a report to Boeheim about the accusations?

But again, if the Paterno pattern is followed - shouldn't he have known?

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